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Book of the Month Club

SAVE hundreds of dollars off list prices!

SAVE over $100!

For the low price of $15.99/month, you’ll save over $100 off list prices!

What is the Book of the Month Club?

At TitleTown Publishing, we have a passion for storytelling and sharing our content with readers around the world. With the growing popularity of subscription-based and on-demand-style content, we wanted apply the benefits those types of services provide. For a small monthly fee, TitleTown will ship you a new book each month.

Who should join the club?

Everyone is welcome to join! If you’re an avid reader and want a no-hassle way to get a new book each month, this service is for you! If you have friends and family who love to read, our annual, one-time payment option makes this service an excellent birthday or Chirstmas present.

How does it work?

Signing up for this service is quick and easy. Simply click one of the links below to sign up. You can SAVE money by subscribing for multiple months, or when you purchase this service as a gift. Cancel your subscription at any time.

1 book



Month-to-Month Service

Receive a new book every month! Cancel subscription at any time.

SAVE +30% off list price/book! 

2 books



Month-to-Month Service

Receive two new books every month! Cancel subscription at any time.


SAVE +60% off list price/book! 

1 year pre-pay



Annual Service-SAVE 15%



Receive a new book for every month of the year!

SAVE +50% off list price/book!




One Time Gift

Perfect gift for family members and friends who love to read! We will ship them a book for every month and send along a free gift!

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