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Born from a Wish

Born from a wish made on Olympic ice at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy, TitleTown Publishing founder, owner and publisher, Tracy Ertl, rapidly grew her dream into a mainstream publishing company specializing in high-profile memoirs, survival tales, and true crime stories. Since its founding, TitleTown has had international bestsellers, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestsellers, inclusion on the USA Today “Top 100 Books” list, and a three-week run on the New York Times Bestseller List. Our house’s stories have been optioned for film and television (with one major motion picture released in 2019 and more coming), sold into multiple countries, and received extensive coverage through Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, the New York Times, Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, and The Hallmark’s Channel’s Home & Family show, to name only a few.

Our Philosophy

TitleTown Publishing, LLC has publishing partners all over the world, to currently include Penguin Random House,  but we remain committed to providing a personal, hands-on experience for our authors. For 15 years this woman-owned and directed company and her team have worked tirelessly to create a nationally and internationally-recognizable brand that positions us to acquire world-class talent and content. The publishing world continues to change deeply and rapidly, and at TitleTown we are positioned for that challenge and the opportunities brought as a result. We get to know our authors and work diligently to make literary dreams come true.

TitleTown Today

TitleTown continuously produces and publishes inspiring, engaging, authentic, motivating and entertaining content. We are incredibly optimistic about the future of the publishing industry and our secure place within it. TitleTown has an incredible, carefully curated team across the globe studying and adjusting to technology, trends and the desires of literary consumers.  


We have enjoyed the success that we have because of the partners who collaborate with us, the authors who trust us, and the men and women who make up our core of exquisite artistic talent in all publishing realms. 


Like many companies, we have weathered the impact of supply chain issues and other adversities. At times when we have fallen short of excellence, we've grown, learned, and restored to where we need to be, like all hand-built companies.


We love where we are at in 2022 and where we are headed in 2023 - with a loaded pipeline of books in production and breathtaking backlist of gorgeous works that continue to weather time. It's a wonderful time to be in publishing and to be with TitleTown.

Our Clients

Our Publishing Team

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Our Clients

Our Partners

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