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Lulu's Christmas Story

Christmas is eagerly awaited by Lulu, a young girl living in a small Wisconsin town during the Great Depression. Anticipation is transformed into anxiety when Daddy loses his job, doubts about Santa flicker, and that Shirley Temple doll seems further away than ever. Mama reveals her own brutal Christmas as an orphan, adding new worries. But it's Lulu's deep faith and vibrant hope that keeps her looking forward to each new day and the glorious gift of Christmas. In her touching memoir, Ludmilla Bollow, an award-winning playwright and novelist, recounts the year before her family's toughest Christmas. There's a haunting encounter with freaks at a circus sideshow, the heartbreaking loss of the town's recluse who was committed to finding true love, a disastrous Thanksgiving at Grandma's, and, of course, the long-awaited Christmas! Lulu's spirit of love and joy radiates throughout this emotional recall of family life during hard times.

Lulu's Christmas Story

  • About the Author

    Ludmilla Bollow was born and raised in Wisconsin. She is a prize-winning playwright, a published novelist, and experienced actress. Her plays are published by Samuel French, Broadway Plays and leading Play Anthologies. She has taught playwriting and been commissioned to write plays. Her short stories, poetry and articles have been published in the U.S., England and India. 

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