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The Doll Brokers

Fierce competition from rival companies, uncertain financial backing, and an increasingly hard to please consumer market; against it all is one beautiful, perfect doll. In the midst of this is Ann Lesage, who overcame the poverty and uncertainty of her youth through a stroke of luck: the kindness of a stranger, Felicia Morhardt. Now as the newly instated president of Felicia's company, Hart Toy, Ann must battle the suspicion of Felicia's sons. Will Patrick's determination to dethrone Ann bring Hart Toy crashing down? Are Ann's feelings for Jonathan turning from hatred to passion? And who is the mysterious man from Ann's past, bent on exacting revenge? The Doll Brokers is a thrilling novel about competition, jealousy, and the bitter battle for success.

The Doll Brokers

  • About the Author

    Hal Ross is an international toy industry tycoon who contributed to the distribution success of products such as Slinky, Etch-A-Sketch and helped launch one of the most successful games of all time, Jenga. He is working on his third novel.

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