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Bodyguard to the Packers

Jerry Parins began his career as a policeman in Green Bay, Wisconsin. When he became director of security for the Green Bay Packers, he brought with him his knowledge of law enforcement and a dedication to protecting the citizens of his hometown. Jerry safeguarded many of the greatest names in NFL history while making Lambeau Field safe for countless fans.On the road, Jerry kept the players in their hotel rooms at night and out of the troubles that young men loaded with cash so easily get into. He kept them out of the headlines and out of the courts, and kept them clean and sober and ready to play football. He also prepared Lambeau Field for visiting dignitaries like President Bush. Jerry had to combine the finesse and consistent good cheer of a public relations expert with the operational knowledge that only a former detective could understand.Diagnosed with colon cancer, Jerry endured chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. He battled cancer to a standstill, and encourages his readers to overcome their fears of life-saving medical screenings.

About the Author

Jerry Parins, a former policeman, became the Green Bay Packers' director of security and made his security team a model in pro sports. Later, Parins successfully battled colon cancer. Now cancer-free, he continues as the Packers' senior security advisor. Mike Dauplaise began as a sportswriter for the Green Bay Press-Gazette, then covered the police beat before returning to sports coverage.

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