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One More Day

In the context of bulling, we tend to focus on the don'ts. Don't point. Don't stare. Don't use hurtful words. Being the eternal optimist that he is, Joe challenges us to redirect our energy. Instead of not acting like a bully, he calls us to imitate the compassion of a friend. Subtle yet powerful, the examples Joe gives of people going out of their way to treat him like they would anyone else call all of us to action. After hearing about the experiences that have shaped his life, we can't help but be inspired to reciprocate kindness and grace - the same kind that was extended to Joe - to people in our own lives.

About the Author

Joey Christensen is a motivational speaker and advocate for the rights of those who are differently-abled. Throughout his professional life, Joe has been traveling across Wisconsin and the Midwest speaking to schools and businesses about the importance of treating people with dignity and respect. The central theme of his presentation is bullying, but, just like his path through life, Joe's approach to this subject is anything but conventional. His message focuses on the power of positive thinking, so it's appropriate that he takes on the issue of bullying not as a problem, but as an opportunity.

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